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We are offering a highly popular range of mechanical dust separators & collectors generally termed as Cyclones Due to centrifugal separation, spherical & short fibrous or cylindrical dust particles from the dusty gas flows, are thrown to the periphery & thence to the bottom part Cleaned gas / air leaves thro’ central discharge. Tangential entry at volute top provides high efficiently swirling & allows higher flow. Twin, triple or Quadruple cyclone group models are offered for higher flow at higher efficiencies.

Construction & material are to suit duty & temperatures. Accessories like Rotary air-lock valve & Exhauster fans are offered from standard range.

Recommended: for: Boilers, Dust control in foundries chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, Food & feed, crushing, conveying, screening, grinding & similar operations.

Capacity: 1000 CMH to 45,000 CMH (these are available in various sizes and can be customized as per the client’s specifications)

Pressure Drops UP to 120 mm WC

Dust Collection efficiency up to 95% on Particulate larger than 10 microns.

Welding Fume Extraction System manufacturers and, Wet Scrubber manufacturers.