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The working principle of the Dedusting Systems is dust laden air is made to pass through special filter media & the dust is accumulated in the filters media and clean air is exhausted. The filter media is stitched in the form of industrial dedusting systems tubes. The dust from the filter media is removed by manual and Mechanical shaking or self-cleaning (reverse pulse jet). The filter of dedusting materials are made up of polyester needle felt, acrylic polyester, polypropylene nylon etc. we are leading of the Dedusting System manufacturer are flourishing our business day by day.

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Industrial Dedusting System

Dedusting systems are used in various industrial areas like power plants, waste incineration plants & large-scale chemical production units when it comes to the avoidance of environmental pollution. Our large-capacity stationary & mobile dedusting units meet these requirements & dispose the polluting dust directly at the source - permanently & reliable. fume extraction and filtration system manufacturers.

Dedusting systems are available in various all sizes and can be customized as per the client’s specifications design requirement.