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Cyclonic spray scrubbers are used to help in air pollution control and they use the features of a spray chamber and a dry cyclone to remove pollutants from gas streams. The inlet gas enters the chamber tangentially, swirls through in a corkscrew motion, and exits while liquid is sprayed inside the chamber. As the gas swirls around the chamber, pollutants collide with the liquid and are removed by the droplets as they are thrown to the walls, and washed back down and out

A ventury scrubber consists of a converging section, a throat (the narrowest part of the venture tube) and a diffuser. The dust/gas mix flows through the ventury tube and reaches top speed in the throat section. Thereafter, the mixture passes into the diffuser where the speed drops again. Liquid is added to the gas flow either in the throat section or prior to it. Intensive mixing takes place between the gas and the liquid in the throat section of the venture tube. Due to the high speed realized by the gas and liquid, water is released in fine water droplets.

These are available in various sizes and can be customized as per the client’s specifications.

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